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What platforms supports the new PDF4NET?
The new PDF4NET support .NET Framework v4.x, .NET Core 2.x/3.0, .NET Standard 2.x, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, UWP, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.
Is it possible to use PDF4NET library with Compact .NET Framework?
No, the new PDF4NET no longer supports .NET Compact Framework.
Are there any features in PDF4NET v5 that are not available in PDF4NET v10?
Yes, there are a couple of features that are not available yet in PDF4NET v10:
1. XFA forms - support for static XFA forms will be added at a later date;
2. DrawHTML* methods - support for basic HTML formatting has been dropped but it can be replaced by the new functionality available in PDFFormattedContent class.
Can PDF4NET rebuild all damaged PDF files?
At this moment the PDF4NET library can rebuild only PDF files with damaged xref sections. We plan to extend this feature to support other types of damaged PDF files.
Can I still use the library after my subscription expired?
Yes, you can. The subscription refers strictly to the period of time you get technical support and have free access to new releases of PDF4NET library. 90 days subscription means that you have free access to new releases (new versions) of the library for 90 days. A full year subscription means free access for a year to new releases. The renewal of the subscription is not mandatory, after the subscription expired, you can continue to use the library in development and royalty free deploy/distribute your applications for unlimited time. You just do not have free access to new versions of the library that were released after your subscription expired.
Why do you use your own graphic objects (PDFPen, PDFBrush, PDFColor) instead of
those built in .NET framework?
We chose to use our own graphic objects due to performance reasons. Those built in .NET framework perform a lot of initializations and allocate a large number of resources that are not needed by our library. When profiling our library, we discovered that even the "simple" Color performed a large number of calls in .NET libraries, and consumed a significant percentage of execution time, compared to the execution times of library's functions.
Can PDF4NET be used as a printer driver?
PDF4NET library can not be used as a printer driver for creating pdf files from Windows applications. It is a .NET class library used from any .NET language to create pdf files from code.
Can PDF4NET print existing pdf files to an installed printer?
PDF4NET library can not print existing pdf files to a printer, it can only create pdf files from code.

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